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Scholarships Matter

Of the 53,000 adults in Stanislaus County without a high school diploma, we work to provide services to as many as possible every year.  There are all kinds of people that enroll in our High School Equivalency (HSE) program and each of their stories are unique.  No matter how varied their backgrounds are there is one theme among them - an awakened need to change their life for the better.  They've come to understand the importance education has in their life and the lives of their families, and have decided that now is the time to take that first step of earning a diploma.

All of LearningQuest's services are free for adult learners so that every person has an equal opportunity at what we believe is a fundamental right in life - education and literacy.

This scholarship drive is one way we strive to find funding necessary to continue serving our community through free programs year round. 

Education is Freedom

22% of adults over 25 years old in Stanislaus County have yet to earn their diploma and we believe that we can do something about that, together.

Many adults feel locked into their path of career and lifestyle simply because of one roadblock - they didn't graduate from high school.  Once a student walks through our doors they've taken a step toward a freedom that only education can give.  Our College & Career services ensure that grads get the opportunity to stay on track with goals beyond their LearningQuest successes - preparing them with the tools to find a long-term career and building a stable foundation of literacy in the home.

This scholarship drive and your support does much more than continue educational services in our community, it makes opportunities to change lives possible.  It makes a step toward freedom through education a reality for so many.

Thank you for supporting adult education and trusting us to provide the highest quality of service to our students.


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